If the law and our personal data security are not adequately considered, big data can be seen as a threat to the privacy of our personal lives. Because Google, Youtube and Facebook are already following your daily life. Your smartphone and computer work, leaving bread crumbs behind you. Developed companies are following these bread crumbs carefully.

Legal regulations related to big data are developing day by day. Private life and privacy have become a concept that you have to protect from being a right that you have.
What can you do to protect your private life?

The most important protection you can make is to use VPN for your daily routine Internet use. VPN services keep track of your identity by hiding the signals you send and hiding your followers. While this method doesn’t keep you 100 percent confidential, it helps keep your online transactions somewhat overshadowed.

Capturing is Important

When Netflix shared details about the production of “House of Card ında in 2013, we were all amazed. Kevin Spacey and David Fincher raised $ 100 million to spend on a television series. For many of us, this expenditure, which seemed meaningless, turned out to be logical. So why?

The fact that this series has changed the television industry cannot be explained by chance. On the contrary, the producers did their homework well and examined the data properly. Although the series was disappointing with its last season, it became a novelty that attracted attention. Moreover, the change that brought out the slogan net #netflixandchill başla began to make itself more pronounced and imitated. In the world of marketing this can be considered a unique achievement.

The main difference between before and after Netflix and its derivatives is to prioritize the needs of the audience. These systems began to produce productions for the needs of the new generation. However, the identification of these needs could not be achieved by analyzing the data collected from many websites, not through old methods, ie surveys for young people. Some of these analyzes; what the audience watches? It was carried out through examining information, such as which ones stopped, rewound or watched again. The result of the huge data they gathered has played an important role in determining whether the upcoming films and series will be successful. As a result, the road map they identified through the data worked. The $ 100 million spent on the production of the House of Cards was able to pay off in just a few months. Moreover, only 30 percent of the new releases were canceled thanks to this method.

Attention to Data Growth

According to a survey, by 2020, 44 zettabytes of data will be created worldwide. The resulting data continues to increase exponentially each year, and the evaluation of the data continues to become more mobile every day. In order to make the most of the opportunities, almost every big company should keep big data in mind. The most important part of the job is to be able to use the data efficiently.

Developments in the Internet and new technologies are progressing in two dimensions. The first of these is the huge data loaded above, and the other is the natural result of this, the need for quality data. The number of followers in networks like Facebook no longer matters. Desired; communicable and loyal followers. Even nowadays, outdoor advertising is evaluated locally.