Artificial intelligence is a technology that has profound effects in many areas. Some of these fields are listed below.

– Game Industry
Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in chess and similar strategy games. In this type of games, artificial intelligence should be able to think of multiple steps by using the acquired knowledge.

– Ability to use language
Artificial Intelligence should be able to communicate with other computers through the languages ​​people use.

– Specialized Systems
There are several applications that can think and advise in collaboration with machines, programs and some specific data. These practices are useful in providing the necessary clarity by providing appropriate advice to people.

– Visual Systems
Systems in this tube are able to capture and process visual data and make sense.
For example; Reconnaissance planes can produce meaningful data about the region by processing the photographs they take.

– Speech Detection
There are systems that can understand and speak languages ​​used by people. Some of these systems can detect slang words, accents, and even background noise.

– Handwriting Detection
Such special software can identify the handwriting written on the screen or on paper, either with a pen or tablet pens. These systems can recognize letters and convert them to text format.

Robots are one of the most important inventions created by humans and can do multiple tasks in the blink of an eye. Although they are not advanced enough to replace people, robots are undeniably effective inventions when it comes to performing tasks.

Robots are equipped with sensors that allow them to understand the physical properties of light, heat, temperature, motion, pressure and the like. In addition, robots have fast processors and huge memory.

The most successful features of these systems are that they can adapt to their environment.