In order to obtain useful results from the sea of ​​data, all we need to do is analyze them. Some companies choose to work with qualified data analysts. On the other hand, it is not enough to go to several courses to become a data analyst. According to BobGourley, author of Div Data Divination: Big Data Strategies, bile you’ll need a strategy in this area, even if you don’t have big goals. If you are interested in big data, we recommend that you consider the following five steps.

1- Break into Pieces

The most attractive marketing method of recent days is customized emails. The key to personalized communication is to learn about the majority of your audience. But each person in this mass has different needs. Although one-to-one communication is impossible, dividing your target audience by segmenting will be much more effective in terms of interaction. The more data you collect, the better you can communicate with the clusters you customize. At this point, you can see big data as a mountain of many small information and think that this information will support you.

2- Spread


Considering that you want to reach many different audiences, it is inevitable to examine different data sets. You can use multiple techniques for your company’s target and for your structured or unstructured data. It is for your benefit to always check twice when using these techniques. This allows you to compare methods of finding linked information between your data. In case of big data analysis, it is in your best interest to check the following items.

a. Data Mining:

Data mining is the way to find clues within the data. This can be explained as a way of guessing, assuming that repetition is important.

b. Cluster Analysis:

Cluster analysis can be evaluated as a step to group information using similar features.

c. Predictive Modeling:

This modeling, which can be defined as psychicism using big data, allows you to do a meteorologist-like prediction job rather than demons and fairies. Looking at big data with this method serves to reach the most logical conclusion by evaluating the possibilities.

d. Text Analysis:

Thanks to professionally designed algorithms, programs that can evaluate not only numbers but also text can contain clues to predict emotion, gender or place of residence in online comments. This information can have beneficial results for you and your business.

3- Capture the Moment

You must act according to the requirements of the day. Timely updates are among the most important factors that increase the success of enterprises. While it doesn’t seem to make a big difference to big data, timely correct moves allow you to be flexible in analyzing huge data. Otherwise, after long analysis, you may notice that you already have updates you should have made. For example, in e-commerce, you can learn the price updates you need to make thanks to big data. For example, you can look at airfare prices on different days and see how it is used. This example shows that real-time data analysis is used and is worth every amount and effort spent.

4- Prepare

To be more precise, your data should be ready to process. Your data, graphs and tables should be ready for review to draw conclusions. Especially when you’re working with large amounts of data or online comments, getting ready becomes even more important. What you need to do about this is to find an analysis program that will accurately visualize the data you need. So you can interpret the data more easily and act accordingly. For example; You can save time by using a system like SentiOne that gives you a warning as the number of negative comments increases.

5- Be Careful

How to do Big Data Analysis Steps?

Even if you save time and money with big data, keep an eye out. There are some things to consider about what people share over the Internet. First of all, privacy of personal data is an important issue. The whole computing world tries to move around without interfering with this area As long as you analyze data using a proprietary system, you’re unlikely to have a problem with it. What you need to pay attention to is to try to avoid classical analysis errors. Even if you are using an appropriate program, you must ensure that you set it properly.

It is very important that you have a healthy big data policy. The strategy you use for big data should be for your benefit. If you think big data is a magic wand that can fly your business, you need to learn more about it. For big data to work, someone like House, the main character in the House MD series, must be able to collect all the clues correctly. The success of big data depends on the skill of the human touch. No matter how fast and successful the technology called “deep learning”, it is a real person who will ultimately make the decision. But the more data that supports this decision, the closer the decision will be to success.