Artificial Intelligence’s Father John McCarthy: Artificial Intelligence is a scientific and engineering application that is used to make intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.

Artificial Intelligence is capable of thinking machine design. These machines are defined as intelligent machines.

The debate about the importance of Artificial Intelligence has accelerated in recent years. Disagreements as to whether this technology will be a blessing or a disaster for the existence of humanity is the foremost conflict of opinion.

The idea of creating Artificial Intelligence is defined as making people’s lives easier. One of the aims of the researchers working on artificial intelligence is to add emotional abilities to machines as well as to gain thinking skills.

Following this general knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, it is useful to examine this technology more deeply.

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

After the rise of computers, it was greatly reduced to do human work. Computers, which are now used in almost every sector, have become addictive for people.

In today’s world where we are completely surrounded by computers, the question “Can machines think and act like humans? Gel comes to mind. This question, which is expected to be answered in general, forms the basis of the curiosity that triggers the developments related to artificial intelligence. The advances in Artificial Intelligence are the result of an effort to make machines think like humans.

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

The main objectives of Artificial Intelligence technology are as follows.

1. Building Specialized Systems

The specialized systems mentioned here must be able to demonstrate clever behavior, learn, promote, explain and provide the most valid recommendations to users.

2. Loading the Concept of Intelligence to Machines

This is intended to develop systems that can understand, think, learn and exhibit behaviors such as people.

3. Elements that Help Artificial Intelligence

By definition, artificial intelligence can be shown as a branch of science and technology with the foundations of computer science, biology, psychology, linguistics, mathematics and engineering. The basic motivation of artificial intelligence is to develop computer functions by combining human intelligence to acquire skills such as logical approach, learning new things and problem solving skills.

Artificial Intelligence Technique

The strange features of real-world information can be listed as follows;

– Their size is unimaginably large.
– It is not in a regular or usable format.
– Varies regularly.

Artificial Intelligence technique, on the other hand, can be defined as bringing information to the appropriate format and using it in a useful way. Therefore, the information should have the following characteristics:

– Information should be comprehensible.
– Easily adaptable to correct errors.
– Even if the information is not complete, it should be used effectively.