In recent times and in the near future, work is underway for non-technical topics such as security and economy or legislation, so that artificial intelligence can be beneficial to people’s lives and community life.

While even the crashes of the laptops we use cause minor problems, errors in the software of an autonomous flying servant, gaps in financial systems, or malfunction of electrical control systems in homes are not acceptable.

While artificial intelligence is an integral part of deadly autonomous weapons, their control in the future will continue to be of great importance.

Creating artificial intelligence may be described as the greatest achievement of human beings. If this technology can be used constructively, artificial intelligence may have the potential to drive hunger and poverty between the dusty pages of history.

The issue being discussed is whether we can achieve an artificial intelligence at this level. The creators and preparers of technology argue that machines with artificial intelligence are useful and created to help humanity.

On the other hand, the damages and destruction capacity that can be shown as a side effect of artificial intelligence pose a risk that cannot be ignored. At this point, the most important thing we need to do in order to control artificial intelligence is to investigate further and to examine the importance of artificial intelligence in depth.

Only by doing research can we foresee the potential harms of artificial intelligence, and we can comfortably enjoy what this miraculous invention offers us.

“Robots will be able to save us from extinction in the near future, Piet says Pieter Abbeel, a scientist at the Department of Computer Science at the University of California. Machines with artificial intelligence will take care of the elderly and open the door for people to live longer without the need for anyone. Abbeel also believes that artificial intelligence will lead to a significant reduction in traffic accidents. According to Abbeel, if this technology is developed correctly, traffic accidents can become a thing of the past.

According to Shimon Whiteson, computer and human cannot be evaluated independently. These two entities come together in a beneficial partnership and become a single entity.

Yoky Matsuoka has a unique example of this. Imagine a person losing one of his limbs. Then imagine an artificial limb attached to this person. If this artificial limb functions as an intelligent machine, think about what artificial intelligence can do for this person. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a person to do things he couldn’t do on his own through this limb with artificial intelligence?

Thomas Dietterich is also influenced by the combination of human and artificial intelligence. According to Dietterich, in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence, people will have increased senses. For example, they will be able to see, hear, and even become more powerful, thanks to exoskeletal structures. What’s more, these structures will help us walk when we get older and weaken our bones and muscles. Moreover, your eyes and ears may one day let you down, but artificial intelligence will still allow you to see and hear.

In Stuart Russell, all the problems we face, including climate change, can be solved by artificial intelligence. This technology will carry our civilization only and further, since the intelligence of human beings will develop in an incredible way thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can play a leading role in the treatment of diseases, while foreseeing an environmental catastrophe and offering us time and a way to act quickly. Moreover, this technology has the potential to eradicate poverty.

“The Border is the Sky, Or says Oren Etzioni, CEO of Allen Artificial Intelligence Institute. According to Etzioni, from the space exploration to the elimination of the ebola virus, all human success can be traced by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can track the progress of humanity and record it.

Artificial Intelligence and robotic technologies do not only develop in the usual way. Space or ocean opens up our horizons by discovering different things. Since the mother of all inventions is needed, artificial intelligence will act according to needs. Human beings are becoming more successful in expressing and defining their needs. Moreover, they are equally successful in finding solutions to these needs. Everything is moving so fast that we can’t even notice small changes. Thanks to this speed, we are able to keep up with almost every development.