The facial recognition of artificial intelligence illuminated a murder in China. The money station’s 29-year-old killer, who used the money-sending application, gave himself away.
According to the South China Morning Post, a 29-year-old who asked for money from his girlfriend but started to argue over his girlfriend’s refusal, killed his girlfriend after an argument. Young man who wants to use Money Station artificial intelligence dastek application gave himself away if you want to withdraw money.

Money Station scans the user’s face and some gestures, such as blinking, and checks the volume and sends the money to the desired account.

In this case, the artificial intelligence of the application determined that the woman is not eye movement. In addition, the company’s voice recognition software found that a man tried to apply for a loan instead of a woman.

Later, the staff checked the images and found bruises on her face and red marks on her neck. The authorities were informed immediately. When the police followed him, he was trying to cremate the body on a remote farm. Before killing the accused woman, she took the phone to withdraw money from her bank account and told her family that “she had gone somewhere to relax for a few days”.

In short, when face and voice recognition technologies become more common for verification in applications, it will also make it difficult for criminals to commit crimes.