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Sci-fi TV shows on Netflix attract everyone with its addictive structure. Netflix’s sci-fi success is an undeniable fact. As such, Netflix sci-fi shows continue to gain viewers and fans in 2020.

Science fiction series on Netflix draws everyone in with its addictive structure. Netflix’s science fiction success is an undeniable fact. As such, Netflix sci-fi series’s continue to gain viewers and fans in 2020.

When we say science fiction, we think of classic scenarios. Imaginary future, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, travel in space and time. However, Netflix offers us more fascinating productions with these classic scenarios.

Here are the Sci-fi TV Shows on Netflix we prepared for you (According to the ranking imdb score: Low to high)

14. The 100

The series is about the almost complete end of life on Earth after a nuclear war and what happened 97 years after this event. The survivors of this war live in a space station with the dream of returning home one day. As the day goes on, the resources of the station decrease and the amount of oxygen begins to decrease. Thereupon, 100 children are sent to see the status of the Earth, and so the chain of events begins.

13. Memories of the Alhambra

The 14 Addictive Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix netflix suggestion- sci fi -tv shows - series

The series set in the palace named Alhambra in Spain is made in Korea. You Jin-woo is a successful CEO and one day receives email about a game with augmented reality technology related to Medieval Wars. Curious about the game, Jin-woo wants to meet Jung Se-joo, who created the game, and goes to Spain. But the creator of the game mysteriously disappears. Jin-woo then meets Jung He-joo, the sister of the game creator, and things develop. If you like science fiction and Korean TV series, you should definitely watch this series where the borders of the real world and virtual world will disappear.

12. Maniac

The 14 Addictive Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix - suggestion - Maniac

Maniac takes place in a world similar to its world today. The series is about the story of two foreigners, Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), who are experimenting with a mysterious pharmaceutical company. Annie has lost her relationship with the family and lives aimlessly. Owen, the fifth son of a wealthy and wealthy businessman, also spent his entire life with a diagnosis of unclear schizophrenia. This couple, who did not have much expectation from life, dr. James K. Mantleray offers serious pharmaceutical treatment advice. It is claimed that this drug will forever solve all the problems experienced by the subjects. But things don’t go as expected at all.

11. The OA

the oa series - tv shows - suggestion

The OA appears as a series in which viewers and critics disagree. Half of those who watch the show hate it while the other half likes it. A blind woman disappears in the series and after seven years she returns with scars on her back. In this process, the underground woman can now see. This woman who calls herself “The OA” shares the reasons for her disappearance only with some selected people. These people are the disciples of the woman. Some people think this woman is a miracle, while others think it is dangerous.

10. The Umbrella Academy

Netflix series suggestion sci fi

He likes the series and movies on the superhero theme, but if you are looking for a new story, you can give The Umbrella Academy a chance. According to the story, 43 special babies are born in 1989. 7 of them are bought by a billionaire. This man trains babies to fight crime. Over the years, these private individuals leave the academy, but reunite with the death of their spiritual father.

9. Travelers

The 14 Addictive Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix

Travelers are the kind to end in a breath for those who love the theme of time travel. Hundreds of years from now, the human population is almost at risk of extinction. However, five time passengers are trying to correct this situation by going back in time.

8. Altered Carbon

Takeski Kovacs - altered carbon-sci fi netflix series

In the distant future, scientists have found the way to save people by digitizing human consciousness. Thanks to this method, human consciousness can be copied and transferred from one body to another body, so that people become immortal. One of the richest men in the universe is killed and wants to find out who killed him with a mercenary named Takeski Kovacs.

7. Orphan Black

netflix series suggestion sci fi orphan black

Have you ever thought you might have columns? How would it be? Sarah Manning witnesses and replaces the suicide of a woman named Beth Childs, almost identical to herself. He discovers that someone who tried to kill them immediately after learning that the woman who committed suicide had a clone and many more. Trying to understand the origin of the clones, Sarah encounters the Neolution movement. The series, which received about 20 awards, has a strong place in the field of sci-fi.

6. The Witcher

The 14 Addictive Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix

The series takes place in a very fantastic universe; dwarves, elves, dragons, witches and more. Different species that have been living with humans for centuries decide to disrupt peace and events develop. Meanwhile, Geralt of Rivia, who became famous as the Witcher and kills monsters for money, tries to provide peace.

5. Sense8

Sense8 starts with 8 different people living in different countries of the world mysteriously making connections with each other to the way of consciousness flow. These people somehow have a relationship with each other. But this mystery cannot be solved. There are also some secret organizations that want these 8’s to disappear. In the face of this evil, the team has no choice but to get together.

4. Love, Death & Robots

The 14 Addictive Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix

Love, Death and Robots, produced by Deadpool’s director Tim Miller and legendary filmmaker David Fincher, is an anthology series. Science fiction fans should not miss this series shot in the style of animation. It is the technology that holds different stories together in the series, each episode of which is written by different authors and shot by different directors. On the one hand, you will be fascinated by the series of fun and romantic and sad stories.

3. Dark

The wormhole in a cave under a power plant in Winden, in a small German

The wormhole in a cave under a power plant in Winden, in a small German town, causes strange events in the town. Due to time travel, children disappearing and family secrets, the townspeople will face mysterious and tense events.

When you start watching Dark, the first German Netflix original production, you will notice that you are immediately drawn to the story of the series. The story is becoming more and more mysterious in the series where time travel and family secrets accompany you.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is among Netflix's popular sci-fi series 1980 lost

Like the Dark series, Stranger Things is among Netflix’s popular sci-fi series. While watching the series in the 1980s, you will experience notalgia and encounter a new story. In the series, we watch the boy named Will disappear and remain closed in another dimension. However, this situation is different from a classic disappearance. As the series progresses, you will find that government conspiracies and alien-like creatures appear, and things are getting more and more complex.

1. Black Mirror

bandersnatch netflix film series tv shows sci fi black mirror suggestion

Black Mirror, which criticizes a different technology in each episode, is Netflix’s favorite sci-fi TV Show.

The effects of the developing and changing society on individuals are changing day by day. The changes in the perception of new technologies, changing politics, media, and art are tried to be explained with science fiction elements in each series. Does the developing technology make the world more livable or does it imprison people in a universe to be lived as a prisoner? How would it be to live with the chips attached to your neck, to watch every step you take through your phone or computer?